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You're a busy Agency.  You need a reliable writer who can turn in crisp, compelling copy for websites, features, ads, direct mail, newsletters. 
     You want an easy-to-brief journo on the end of the phone who understands keyword vocabularies, and social media.  Someone you can count on Ė and who makes you look good.


I'm a seasoned freelance journalist and writer.  I've edited business magazines and newspapers, and Iíve written for nationals and trade. I currently freelance for The Daily Telegraph.  Iíve published seven books.  I can deliver the kind of clarity and simplicity that you're looking at right now - against tight deadlines.

Tel 02392 413292 | Home | Services |About | Tips | Ghost Writing | Contact

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   For our clients we have produced:

   News stories, feature articles, press
   releases, company newspapers,
   white papers, market research studies,
   web site copy, biographies,
   direct mail campaigns, email
   campaigns, newsletters, company
   reports, media training courses,
   speeches, social networking, keyword

   Specialist areas we cover include
   computers, telecommunications, IT
   networks, mobile communications,
   electronics, aerospace, software
   systems, social networks, the internet.


   Agency clients include:-
   Jacqui Green Marketing and PR -  
   Moonlight Media - Buffalo - Saffron
   Communications - Moores Euro PR -
   GEA Public Relations - Profile Public
   Relations - Mercury Public Relations.

   Corporate clients include:- 
   Bull Systems - Dun & Bradstreet -
   Harris Computers - Hoskyns Group -
   IBM - ICL-Fujitsu  - Mensa - Microsoft -
   Motorola - OpenTrade Technology -
   Phonelink - Progress Software -
   Sunguard - Sybase - Viasoft - Zenith
   Data Systems - 4Front Group - 3M -
   and many more.



   Did you know you already have a
   simple way to measure the readability
   of any text - objectively -  on your PC?

   Itís the Flesch Reading Ease Scale. In
    the United States, the Flesch scale is
    used as a legal test. For example in
    Florida insurance policies must
    register at least 45 or theyíre
    considered legally unreadable.

   Using the Flesch scale can give you a
   straight measure of how
   reader-friendly your press release is
    and how likely editors are to want to
    use it.  Read More writing tips here.

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